Succulent cupcakes: desert plants for dessert

Whether you’re deciding what to bring to a party, looking for a fun family project, or just hoping to make the green life a little bit sweeter, this cupcake recipe fits the bill.



Ready-made cupcakes

Wilton icing dye in moss green

Ready-made Wilton fondant

Rolling pin

Your favorite icing

Crushed graham crackers

Flower shaped cookie cutters in varying sizes

Mini cupcake tins

White chocolate for “glue” (optional)


Start with a batch of ready-made cupcakes. These are made with chocolate cupcakes, but any flavor will work. Coat the top of the cupcakes in icing, and roll in crushed graham crackers to give the appearance of sand or gravel. Set the cupcakes aside.


Chocolate cupcakes


A cupcake that has been iced and rolled in Graham cracker crumbs

Take out the fondant and knead to soften. Once pliable, add a small amount of green food coloring and pull and knead the fondant to blend in the color.

When you have achieved the desired shade of green, roll the fondant out to a little more than ⅛ inch thickness. Use the flower-shaped cookie cutters to cut pieces of fondant of varying sizes. To make them look more like succulent leaves, take a knife and cut in between the petals towards the center to make longer “leaves.” Pinch the ends of the leaves with your fingers to create points. Make the centers of the plants by forming a small ball of fondant and surrounding it with tiny leaves. These can be hand-shaped since they are too small to cut with the cookie cutter.

Layer the succulent leaves from largest to smallest in the mini cupcake tins. They should like like this:


This step takes literally forever, just put some good music or a cool podcast…may I suggest S-town?

Allow the fondant succulents to sit in the open air so they dry and harden a little bit. Test to see if they are hard enough by removing one from the cupcake tin and checking if it maintains its form.

Once they are ready, gently set the succulents on top of the graham-cracker-covered cupcakes. If you’re worried about the cupcakes staying together, melt a little bit of white chocolate and use as glue to attach the succulents to the cupcakes. Enjoy your tasty succulent treats!

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